Apps4Finland 2014 is on

Apps4Finland is an open data innovation contest, organised now for the sixth time. This year's competition was launched in June, deadline for entries is 3rd Nov 2014.   Read more »

"Apps4Finland has evolved into the biggest open data networks in Finland. It has made Finland one of the leading countries in utilizing open data."

Project Manager Joonas Pekkanen

The Open Finland 2014 seminar

The Open Finland 2014 seminar will be held in Wanha Satama on 15–16 September 2014. The keynote speakers will be the American open data visionary Beth Simone Noveck and Birgitta Jónsdóttir MP for the Pirate Party in Iceland. Forum Virium Helsinki has a slot on the second day and attend the exhibition. Read more »

The winners of Apps4Europe competition

BikeCityGuide and Nostalgeo are announced as the winners of the first Apps for Europe Competition. Apps for Europe is a European-wide support network that provides tools to transform ideas for data based apps into viable businesses. Read more »

"Open data holds huge potential for stimulating innovation and enterprise across the Europe. These apps show that open data is not an abstract concept, but can produce real products that can improve people’s lives. "

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission

SILVER project proceeds to prototyping

In SILVER project, phase two of the pre-commercial procurement process has been launched. There are three tenderers who will proceed to prototyping.  Read more »

New initiative to decentralize the Internet

D-CENT is a new, European-wide project has been launched to build decentralized and privacy-aware tools for democratic participation to empower European citizens. Read more »

"After Snowden's revelations, digital rights are perceived as key issue that D-CENT is going to address, ensuring that people are in full control of their data, maintaining privacy and trust in technology."

Francesca Bria, coordinator of D-CENT at Nesta

Fiksu Kalasatama: a model district of smart urban development

Helsinki’s Kalasatama is being built into Fiksu Kalasatama, a worldclass model district of smart urban development. The area is developed through experimenting, new technologies and the use of open data. It grows from the collaboration between the city, companies and residents. Read more »

"Fiksu Kalasatama aims to be a development environment that joins together the research, development and innovation activities of businesses, and the development of city services."

Project Manager Hannu Asikainen, the City of Helsinki

Helsinki Loves Developers

Helsinki is on its way to become the most developer friendly city in the world. portal offers a chance to test the open interfaces of Helsinki and gives information on the upcoming developer gatherings. Read more »

"Helsinki seeks to advance new ways of cooperation and dialogue between different stakeholders, e.g. developers, in order to boost the utilization of open data as a source of innovations."

Markku Raitio, IT Director, City of Helsinki

Cultivating Urban Innovations

Forum Virium Helsinki in brief and highlights from innovation initiatives: view Forum Virium Helsinki´s presentation on SlideShare.  Read more »


Reaktor Dev Day
Reaktor Dev Day is a conference for developers by developers. It brings together the programming scene and its hottest speakers in a laid-back and friendly environment. Read more »
2nd European Conference on the Future Internet ECFI
The 2nd European Conference on the Future Internet ECFI offers insights into the latest Future Internet technologies and their use for innovating European application sectors. Read more »
17.09.2014 - 18.09.2014
Open Finland Seminar 2014
Next autumn, the Prime Minister's Office and its cooperation partners will organise a major event focusing on open data and its uses. The “Open Finland 2014” event will be held in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, on 15–16 September. The keynote speaker at the Open Finland 2014 seminar in September in Helsinki will be the American open data visionary Beth Simone Noveck. Read more »
15.09.2014 - 16.09.2014
One BSR Final Conference
CONFERENCE PROGRAM Moderated by Verner Christiansen 09.30–10.00 Registration and morning coffee10.00-10.30 Read more »
OpenLivingLab Days 2014
OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community integrated with the popular ENoLL Summer School. The annual 4 day event... Read more »
02.09.2014 - 06.09.2014
Tieto on palkinnut paremman arjen tekijöitä. Vuoden 2014 Tietoteko-kilpailun voittajat ovat löytyneet...
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Can Open Data Find a Business Model?

29.08.2014 klo 12:24
A region of opportunities
Inward investment promotion professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region and beyond were brought together by the ONE BSR’s IPA Forum 2014 in... Read more »
Open Finland 2014 success story: Datademo
Datademo is Open Knowledge Finland project where public funding is channeled to developer-led open data initiatives through a participatory budgeting process. Read more »

D-CENT is looking for full stack developer.

27.08.2014 klo 09:10