2nd round of Smart Kalasatama’s Programme for Agile Piloting is open

The second round for offers is currently open under the theme health and wellbeing. The deadline for offers is April 30, and the pilots will run in Kalasatama next autumn. Read more »

"The Programme for Agile Piloting buys small pilots providing new innovative services for people living in the Kalasatama area of Helsinki. It accelerates ideas to service innovations and new business."

Helsinki ranks high in global city research

Helsinki has been ranked on third place, right after New York and London, in global city research evaluating city initiatives for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more »

"Helsinki was especially recognized for the consistency by which it supports innovation across all the CITIE research dimensions. "

New Internet-of-Things R&D Funding Consultation Launched

SELECT for Cities, an initiative that’s changing the way cities in Europe innovate through the creation of city wide Internet-of-Everything (IoE) testing labs, has launched an open online consultation at the NetFutures conference. Read more »

"With a budget of approximately 4.0 million € to invest on research and development, SELECT for Cities is deploying a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process to find and select suppliers who will help the cities of Antwerp, Helsinki and Copenhagen achieve their ambition of becoming large scale IoE testing labs."

Solving a real challenge!

The Nordic Independent Living Challenge has chosen the 25 solutions to proceed stage three of the competition, four of them from Finland. The selection was made among 71 entries. Read more »

"The five Nordic capitals run the Nordic Independent Living Challenge to find innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled. The competition runs until 2016."

Kaisa Spilling, Forum Virium Helsinki

D-CENT tools in Helsinki

The EU-funded D-CENT project develops next generation tools for online democracy and participation. The service piloted in Finland enables participating citizens to follow the decision making process of the City of Helsinki.  Read more »

"Influencing local decision making doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to get information and collaborate in time."

Joonas Pekkanen

Helsinki is ready for you!

The urban screens in the central Helsinki invite you to explore our beautiful city. Tap the screen and fnd news, event tips, routes and guidance to the location.  Read more »

"Urban screens in Helsinki invite you to explore and be inspired! Just tap the screen and find your favorites."

Kaisa Spilling, Forum Virium Helsinki

Bloomberg News: Helsinki, Living in a Lab

Bloomberg News' team visited Helsinki and made a video about Smart Kalasatama. Watch the Europe's Smartest Cities -video now. Read more »

"In a smart city, the residents should actively play a part in creating new districts and new services."

Veera Mustonen, Forum Virium Helsinki

Building a better Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki’s development projects drive the creation of digital city services. From the very start, ideas under development are tested as part of users’ everyday lives. Another goal is to create new business opportunities for companies. Read more »

"Forum Virium Helsinki is an ideal partner when you’re looking for a flexible operating model for applying new technology."

Mayor Jussi Pajunen, city of Helsinki

Boosting open standards for smart cities

Thirty-one cities from seven countries in Europe and Latin America launch the 
“Open & Agile Smart Cities” initiative to accelerate adoption of 
common standards and principles for global smart city development. Read more »

"A number of cities in several countries or a continent, adopting a minimal set of de facto standards is a sizable market on which developers can start investing."

Jarmo Eskelinen, Forum Virium Helsinki

Explore Smart Kalasatama

The Smart Kalasatama map shows the current smart city services in the area, as well as upcoming innovations and those not seen by the eye.   Read more »

Helsinki Loves Developers

Helsinki is on its way to become the most developer friendly city in the world. Dev.hel.fi portal offers a chance to test the open interfaces of Helsinki and gives information on the upcoming developer gatherings. Read more »

"Helsinki seeks to advance new ways of cooperation and dialogue between different stakeholders, e.g. developers, in order to boost the utilization of open data as a source of innovations."

Markku Raitio, City of Helsinki


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What would you like to pilot in Kalasatama? Looking for innovative local services supporting the social and... https://t.co/zNb9D6YXNM
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