Smart City of Tomorrow Event at the Millenium Pavilion

Forum Virium Helsinki, Fortum, KONE, Nokia ja Tekes are organizing high-level Smart City event in Helsinki at Technology Academy Finland’s Millennium Pavilion on the 28th of April, 2014. Read more »

"The event is a meeting of over 400 inspiring minds, including key decision-makers from cities and the private sector, offering state-of-the-art Smart City case studies, and Smart City insights and visions."

Datademo supports Finnish Open Data developers

Datademo prototype funding awards in total 48.000€ to Finnish Open Data developers. Applicants can influence which projects get funded. There will be three funding rounds for Open Data & Open Democracy related innovation initiatives during 2014.  Read more »

"Datademo follows the practices of participatory budjeting: Applicants themselves are involved in the decicion making and peer evaluation will be a crucial part of the funding process."

Joonas Pekkanen, Open Knowledge Finland ry.

Study mapping Smart Cities in Europe

The European Parliament has published a report mapping Smart Cities in the European Union. The report introduces Forum Virium Helsinki and its Smart City projects, highlighting Helsinki Region Infoshare as one of the pioneering open, urban data platforms.  Read more »

The 10 Smartest Cities in Europe

According to the ranking of the, Helsinki is among the Top Ten Smartest Cities In Europe. We agree! Read more »

"Helsinki really shines in the Smart Government arena. Helsinki offers more than 1,000 open datasets and has been actively promoting engagement with developers through for instance hackathons. "

Smart Urban Spaces awarded

Smart Urban Spaces project has won the Information Technology for European Advancement Award of Excellence. Forum Virium Helsinki was one of the project’s partners. Congratulations! Read more »

"The award for ‘exploitation’ went to Smart Urban Spaces, a project that looks to integrate Near Field Communications with smartphone technology, backed by a mobile app platform."

The Guardian showcases CitySDK Participation API

In November the Guardian published two articles regarding the importance of holistic approach to smart city planning and how the other cities should follow the lead of the truly smart cities, such as Helsinki. Read more »

"As a part of the CitySDK project, Helsinki opened Open311 interface earlier this year. It feels great to get international recognition for all the hard work we've done."

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki

Fiksu Kalasatama: a model district of smart urban development

Helsinki’s Kalasatama is being built into Fiksu Kalasatama, a worldclass model district of smart urban development. The area is developed through experimenting, new technologies and the use of open data. It grows from the collaboration between the city, companies and residents. Read more »

"Fiksu Kalasatama aims to be a development environment that joins together the research, development and innovation activities of businesses, and the development of city services."

Project Manager Hannu Asikainen, the City of Helsinki

Helsinki Loves Developers

Helsinki is on its way to become the most developer friendly city in the world. portal offers a chance to test the open interfaces of Helsinki and gives information on the upcoming developer gatherings. Read more »

"Helsinki seeks to advance new ways of cooperation and dialogue between different stakeholders, e.g. developers, in order to boost the utilization of open data as a source of innovations. In addition to enhancing the creation of i.e. new apps, we wish to share the experiences gathered from utilizing new tools & cooperation methods within Helsinki Loves Developers activities."

Markku Raitio, IT Director, City of Helsinki


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Webstream of European Commission's Smart City event available at Forum Virium Helsinki’s CEO Mr. Eskelinen at the Connected Smart Cities session.

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Follow in Twitter with the hashtag #eucities European Commission's Smart City event in Brussels.

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