Helsinki Living Lab

Designing new services and products, and reinventing and improving existing ones is often mission critical for businesses and the public sector. The Living Lab addresses this need head on by using the positive and negative feedback from authentic user experiences to shape the development of products and services.

Forum Virium Helsinki is a member of the Helsinki Living Lab network which was launched in November 2007. The actors involved develop products, services and new innovations together with authentic users in real urban environments and real usage. One of the goals is to find new business opportunities.

Closer collaboration

The members of the Helsinki Living Lab network strengthened their collaboration in 2009. To support this decision, a letter of intent was drawn up in May 2009. The letter of intent together with the relevant action and development plans are valid until the end of 2009.

The activities are coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki whose representative belongs to the group steering the initiative. The other members of the Steering Group are Art and Design City Helsinki, Active Life Village, Greater Helsinki Promotion and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Defining the offerings and creating quality criteria

This deeper collaboration aims to clarify and define the scope of the working model used within the network. In order to generate commercially viable Living Lab activities, the products, services and processes of Helsinki Living Lab must be clearly specified and productised. Accordingly, quality criteria will also be created for the network.

Further information
CEO Jarmo Eskelinen
Tel. +358 50 593 3441