D-CENT: Network democracy for a better city

The event, organised in Barcelona on the 5th of May, attracted 170 high-level policy makers, academics, activists, civic society organisations, and hackers to debate the future of democratic City Governments. Joonas Pekkanen was speaking in one of the panels, themed Experiments of democratic participation in Cities, A European perspective.  Read more »

"D-CENT creates next generation democracy tools and applications that are decentralised, privacy-aware, and enhance citizens’ rights. "

Joonas Pekkanen, Forum Virium Helsinki

Solving a real challenge!

On the 4-5 May, the Nordic Independent Living Challenge holds a matchmaking event in Copenhagen. For those 75 solutions chosen to enter this stage, it’s a chance to network, get inspiration and tools to further develop their idea.  Read more »

"The five Nordic capitals run the Nordic Independent Living Challenge to find innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled. The competition runs until 2016."

Kaisa Spilling, Forum Virium Helsinki

Building a better Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki’s development projects drive the creation of digital city services. From the very start, ideas under development are tested as part of users’ everyday lives. Another goal is to create new business opportunities for companies. Read more »

"Forum Virium Helsinki is an ideal partner when you’re looking for a flexible operating model for applying new technology."

Mayor Jussi Pajunen, city of Helsinki

Boosting open standards for smart cities

Thirty-one cities from seven countries in Europe and Latin America launch the 
“Open & Agile Smart Cities” initiative to accelerate adoption of 
common standards and principles for global smart city development. Read more »

"A number of cities in several countries or a continent, adopting a minimal set of de facto standards is a sizable market on which developers can start investing."

Jarmo Eskelinen, Forum Virium Helsinki

CitySDK: start a journey with API's

The CitySDK Cookbook showcases the experiences Helsinki, Amsterdam and Lisbon have had with open harmonized APIs. Read more »

"CitySDK Cookbook introduces the opportunities CitySDK APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) offer for cities and developers."

A test lab for a smart city

Helsinki City Council decided to make the Kalasatama district a model for smart city development. Kalasatama shows what the future of a witty city looks like. The area is being developed through agile experimentation. Read more »

"Besides smart infrastructure we need the creativity of residents and companies. We organize events, and challenges to invite different stakeholders and citizens to use Kalasatama to develop their own innovations."

Veera Mustonen, Forum Virium Helsinki

Helsinki Loves Developers

Helsinki is on its way to become the most developer friendly city in the world. Dev.hel.fi portal offers a chance to test the open interfaces of Helsinki and gives information on the upcoming developer gatherings. Read more »

"Helsinki seeks to advance new ways of cooperation and dialogue between different stakeholders, e.g. developers, in order to boost the utilization of open data as a source of innovations."

Markku Raitio, City of Helsinki

New ways to use the travelcard

Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) has started collaboration with Kliento, a new kind of loyalty card scheme for local businesses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.  Read more »

"Now the travel card also works as a citizen’s loyalty card in several local shops and restaurants. "

Managing Director Jukka Meklin, Kliento

Cultivating Urban Innovations

Forum Virium Helsinki in brief and highlights from innovation initiatives: view Forum Virium Helsinki´s presentation on SlideShare.  Read more »


Open Finland 2014 seminar to address opportunities presented by open data
On 15-16 September, the Prime Minister’s Office is arranging in cooperation with other parties a major event, Open Finland 2014, focusing on the utilisation of open data. Prime Minister Alexander Stubb will open the event. Read more »
PhD opportunity on City Sensing & Data Services, deadline for proposals 12th September
Applications are invited for a fully funded EPSRC PhD studentship in Interaction Design/Human–Computer Interaction within Duncan of Jordanstone... Read more »
Public consultation on an EU Urban Agenda open until September 26th
The European Commission has published an EU Urban Agenda which is now open for public consultation until the 26th of September. The public... Read more »
A region of opportunities
Inward investment promotion professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region and beyond were brought together by the ONE BSR’s IPA Forum 2014 in... Read more »
Open Finland 2014 success story: Datademo
Datademo is Open Knowledge Finland project where public funding is channeled to developer-led open data initiatives through a participatory budgeting process. Read more »
Programme for Open Finland 2014 finalised - second keynote speaker MP and civil activist Birgitta Jónsdóttir from Iceland
The event programme for the Open Finland 2014 event has been finalised. The keynote speakers are Beth Simone Noveck, who has assisted in a number of government projects both in the United States and in Britain, and Birgitta Jónsdóttir, who is an MP for the Movement in Iceland. The exhibition will feature more than 30 stands plus success stories from Finland relating to the opening of data and use of open data. Read more »
SILVER project proceeds to prototyping
In SILVER project, Phase 2 of the pre-commercial procurement process has been launched on the 30th of June 2014. During the meeting held in London in... Read more »
Smart City of Tomorrow Event encouraged cities to renew themselves
Forum Virium Helsinki, Fortum, KONE, Nokia and Tekes organized a Smart City of Tomorrow Event at the Millenium Pavilion in Helsinki at the end of... Read more »
Apps4Finland 2014 launched - searching for gems of open data
Apps4Finland is a competition for innovations based on open data, intended to encourage participants to create new ways to utilize open data sources. The competition is open to 3 November 2014, and the awards total more than 30,000 euros. Read more »
Registration for the Open Finland 2014 now open for the general public
The Open Finland 2014 event which will focus on open data and its uses has been opened for the general public. The preliminary programme has now been published at avoinsuomi2014.fi, as well as registration. Read more »
Open Finland 2014 seminar coming up in autumn
Next autumn, the Prime Minister's Office and its cooperation partners will organise a major event focusing on open data and its uses. The Open Finland 2014 event will be held in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, on the 15th to 16th of September. The registration opens this Friday, the 23 May 2014. Visit the website at www.avoinsuomi2014.fi. Read more »
Apps4Finland competition launches for 2014
Apps4Finland is an open data innovation contest, now organised for the sixth time. It encourages citizens to come up with new ideas on how to utilize the open data reserves of public administration. In 2014, the competition is managed by Joonas Pekkanen from Forum Virium Helsinki. The launch event is on the 6th of June 2014. Deadline for entries is the 3rd of November 2014, the awards ceremony in the 3rd of December 2014. Read more »
First recipients of Datademo funding selected through peer assessment
The recipients of Datademo’s first funding round have been selected. App developers who entered their own proposals for funding and open data experts... Read more »
Building a smart and open city
In April Forum Virium Helsinki gave a review of its current operations at an event held at Design Museum in Helsinki. Read more »
Civic Exchange promotes technologies for better government
Civic Exchange is a platform for improving public services by showcasing and by promoting the reuse of civic software. To encourage the... Read more »